Mother&Baby: Cranial Osteopathy: Everything you need to know

Mother&Baby is the UK’s No. 1 Pregnancy, Baby & Toddler Magazine. Up until a few months ago, they had an article that provided misleading advice about cranial osteopathy including unjustified claims about its effectiveness for a range of infant problems. However, their article now provides very clear and accurate information about the reality of cranial osteopathy: it is ineffective and best avoided. This exemplary response from Mother&Baby was brought about by a single e-mail I sent to them to highlight the shortcomings of their original article.

I contacted Mother&Baby back in August to highlight the misleading claims in their article which included suggesting that cranial osteopathy is effective for feeding troubles, reflux, flat head syndrome and several other conditions. I explained that none of those claims have evidence to support them and are therefore misleading prospective patients and the general public. Furthermore, making these kinds of claims in advertising would breach advertising regulations and is in conflict with the guidance provided by the General Osteopathic Council (regulatory body for osteopathy in the UK), the Advertising Standards Authority and the Committee of Advertising Practice. Mother&Baby were very quick to act, removing their article within 1 working day. They contacted me on the same day to explain that they were keen to write a new article to provide more accurate information to their readers.

The updated article was written by Laura Thomason from the Good Thinking Society. It is now clear, accurate, informative and a great resource for any parents considering cranial osteopathy for their children.

This was a very professional response from Mother&Baby and their motivation to provide their readers with accurate information should be commended.


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